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Whether you are looking for taiko accessories, support, lessons, classes, recording, or a new custom bachi bag look no further.   Use this space to connect with taiko artisans and businesses that have partnered with TCA to provide you discounts and special services.  Support the taiko community by choosing to do business with these vendors.  Listings are alphabetical.  

If you would like to connect your business to the taiko community please contact us at

American Hide & Fur

We are a company specialising in the procurement, manufacturing, and sales of rawhide for drums, lace, and other craft projects.

Shipping available world wide.

Asano Taiko U.S. 

Asano Taiko U.S. is a full-service taiko (Japanese drum) facility in Torrance, CA offering a walk-in store, on-site taiko maintenance and repair, and hands-on taiko classes.

Store and studio in Torrance, CA. Online shop is available globally. 

TCA Member Discount: Please email for all TCA Member discount inquiries.

Isaku Kageyama

Hello, my name is Isaku and I'm a taiko performer, educator, and recording artist based in Los Angeles. I suppose you could say I'm "known for" Odaiko, Bon Daiko, and Music Production. I'm also an overall nice guy. :D

Services Available:


Japanese Arts Network

The Japanese Arts Network (JA-NE) is a national resource for artistic collaboration and connection. We provide access to resources, and develop programs and platforms that support and strengthen visibility for JaJA (Japanese and Japanese-American) Artists in America who create with 'cultural intention' and are vital to society. 

We are dedicated to bringing together artists, communities, and presenters by celebrating and advancing Japanese arts experiences in America.

Services available in the United States.


kaDON’s mission is simple: to empower the worldwide taiko community. offers online subscription-based instructional and repertoire courses on taiko, fue and narimono taught by the world’s most respected taiko artists. 

Our online store carries instruments by Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten of Asakusa, Tokyo from bachi and tabi to taiko, narimono, fue and T-shirts. When time allows, we organize unique in-person taiko experiences such as the kaDON Retreat. Learn more about us and let’s connect!

We ship worldwide but all international orders are processed manually. Please e-mail at us to get started.

Kaiser Drums

KAISER DRUMS® is all about Taiko drums, taiko accessories & International Taiko Concert nights in Germany. 

We love the power of Japanese drumming and we are looking forward to your inquiry or questions. Best taiko regards from KAISER DRUMS team and take care.

We deliver worldwide!

+49 (0) 211-4370715

Kato Taiko

Quality Wine Barrel Taiko from recycled barrels.

Ships from Torrance, CA to anywhere in the world!

Kodo Arts Sphere America

Kodo Arts Sphere America (KASA) started in 2002 as an American non-profit affiliated with Kodo, the Japanese taiko group from Sado Island.

Programs include: 

Workshops can be throughout North America. KASA/Mix tour takes participants to Sado Island, Japan to live/study with Kodo. 

Exadon started on Sado Island and and is expanding to other parts of Japan.

Marco Lienhard - TAIKOZA

We offer professional-grade well-tuned Flutes (Shinobue and Shakuhachi). We also have student-level flutes (plastic and bamboo) as well. Offering with 40 years of experience: Taiko and Flute instruction, workshops – live or online.

 Instructional books on Shinobue and Shakuhachi available. CDs, Bachi, T-shirts, TAIKOZA merchandise available. 

We are dedicated to bringing high-quality items to the taiko community with correct tuning and pitch to make your study an easier journey. Choosing a flute is important.

Workshop instruction available in several languages: Japanese, German, French, Italian, and English. Workshops in person available worldwide. 

Choreography movement for Taiko piece available. 

Remote services available globally. 

Shipping for merchandise available worldwide. 

TCA Member Discount: TCA Members may email us at

to receive 10% off your order




Reusable and sustainable lifestyle-friendly goods made from primarily Japanese fabrics. 

Sandwich wraps, insulated fukuro for lunch or makeup, cloth masks, handkerchief clutches, snack pouches, and utensil cases.

Shipping to all 50 states. 

Custom or Wholesale orders available. 

TCA Member Discount: TCA Members may email me at to receive a coupon code for 10% off your order. 

Free shipping may also be possible with larger purchases.


I started my small business in 2020 specializing in handmade goods with authentic Japanese fabrics, Japanese washi paper, incorporating vintage kimono fabrics in a portion of my designs. Each product is made by myself with thoughtful intention and made to last.

I have bachi bags made with traditional Japanese design, shinobue bags made using vintage Japanese kimono obi, okedo straps also made using vintage Japanese kimono obi, and taiko greeting cards made using washi paper. I have also created an original taiko themed print fabric which I make items you’ll love to take home like taiko coasters and tote bags. 

10% off to TCA members. 

NAObyNaoko - Etsy 

Rome Hamner

A certified Orff instructor with 20+ years of experience, Rome offers a wide array of programs that can help you and your group with all things taiko, from technique to stage presence to fundraising. 

In addition to composing, performing nationally, and presenting at international conferences, she teaches taiko in schools and community settings. 

Her “How to Teach Taiko” blog offers tips and support for taiko players new to teaching and music teachers new to taiko.

San Francisco Bay Area for in-person classes, school residencies and performances; U.S. for in-person workshops; globally for fundraising/grant-writing and remote classes and workshops.

Shack's 3D Printing

Shack's 3D Printing is a printing service. Perhaps you have seen our taiko playing baby Yodas floating around? Or the lightweight oni masks that are perfect for performing? If you have a file or an object you would like 3D printed send it to us so we can get you a quote. 

We currently print in PLA, PETG, and Resin. We also offer custom painting of the 3D prints for an additional price. Send email request to

Shack's 3D Printing can ship all over the globe. Certain international locations may have higher shipping fees. TCA Member Discount: TCA Members may email at me to receive an additional 10% off your order.


South Bay Beat Institute

A women-owned, queer-owned small business providing classes, workshops, residencies and performances in taiko and other music disciplines. 

Connect with your creativity and experience the fun, community, and transformative empowerment of group drumming. 

All ages, all levels welcome. NOTAFLOF.  

We’ve got shirts and other merch too! Ethically guided.

San Francisco Bay Area for in-person classes, school residencies and performances, globally for remote classes and workshops; shipping available within the US for most merch; shirts can be shipped globally.


Taiko gear made by taiko players, for taiko players... (And the people who love them.)

TCA Member Discount: Please email us at  for all TCA Member discount inquiries.

Taiko Colorado

Based in Colorado Springs we make several types of Taiko from wine barrel stave built to custom creations based on your specifications. We also repair and re-head taiko and supply taiko group apparel and accessories.

Taiko Colorado is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Worldwide shipping available. TCA Member Discount: TCA Members may email me at to receive an additional 10% off your order.


Taiko with Toni

Custom bags/totes for everything "taiko" - and almost anything else you want to pack and carry! 

Sturdy utilitarian totes that can be customized to fit your specific needs (and whims!) Standard designs, custom designs, your choice from a wide selection of colors. 

Please contact me for estimates, questions, concerns, suggestions - or just to chat! I look forward to making a tote for you! (Taiko performances, workshops, and classes are also available!)

Based in Denver, Colorado. Please contact me for shipping (US and international), and for local, US, and international classes and performances! 

TCA Member Discount: TCA Members may email me at to receive an additional 5% off your order.

+1 (303) 756-2133


TaikoCat apparel, accessories and artwork. "DON worry, be happy!"

Based in San Jose, California. Can ship internationally. 

TCA Member Discount: TaikoCat offers a 15% discount to TCA members! 

Please email me at  for a coupon code directly to TaikoCat


Mac Evans is a Philadelphia-based Taiko artist available for workshops, performances, and drum maintenance for taiko groups on the East Coast.

Available along the East Coast (travel from PA). Regular instruction and workshops within Philadelphia. 

Can travel for day-long workshops, classes, or performances, or remain in residence for all (looking at you, local colleges).

Taikomom Bachi Bags

Handmade bags to carry all your taiko bachi in style.

Shipping within the continental US. Please contact for inquiries about international shipping. 

TCA Member Discount: Please email for all TCA Member discount inquiries.


TaikoPeace is a movement started by taiko pioneer PJ Hirabayashi in 2008 to spread the kinetic energy, spiritual vibration, and pure joy of Japanese taiko drumming for positive social change and a peaceful world.  2021 marks the 25th anniversary of Ei Ja Nai Ka, the unofficial anthem of the North American taiko community. 

Support  Ei Ja Nai Ka with commemorative t-shirts, tenugui, and printed items available for purchase on the TaikoPeace web site. So grateful for everyone's EJNK energy!

Shipping to U.S. addresses only.

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