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This section of TaikoSource is dedicated to the acquisition of equipment, whether by building them yourself or purchasing them from a manufacturers. Here you will find links to taiko manufacturers and stores, as well as links to places where you can buy materials for building your own drums! Additionally, you’ll find links to drum building guides made available on the Internet that will help you in your quest to build drums. 

DIY of Drum Building

Drum Building Guides



Practice Drums

Tying a Shime-daiko

Perhaps one of the hardest yet consistently over-looked taiko equipment-related items is the method for tying a shime-daiko. In order to assist you in figuring this process out, we have gathered materials shared by various artists on the internet. 

The TIASOU Method

Kris Bergstrom, of the Los Angeles Taiko Institute, has creating a one-person tying method he calls The TIASOU Method. He has distributed a series of PDF guides for the method according to the Creative Commons “Share-Alike” license, and has given us permission to upload the PDfs here.  Please note that the contact information found within these PDFs is out of date. If you have questions about The TIASOU Method, you can contact LATI here the LATI Contact page.

Drum Accessories

American Hide & Fur

We are a company specialising in the procurement, manufacturing, and sales of rawhide for drums, lace, and other craft projects.  Shipping available world wide.