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Taiko Lessons and Workshops in Japan & Internationally

INADANI Taiko Drumming Course  - This course is designed for the purpose of bringing the taiko practitioner closer to understanding the art that is Wadaiko in Japan.

TOKARA Boot Camp - The TOKARA Wadaiko Camp (also known as TOKARA Boot Camp) in Japan in 2023 takes place during the beautiful Cherry Blossom season.  This course will allow the taiko practicioner to fully immerse themselves in the world of taiko in Japan; from intensive training during the day to enjoying the rural and unique life of Japan every evening.

Japanese 'Taiko' Drumming Courses - Under the guidance of Kurumaya-Sensei and in a wooded valley outside Fukui, a custom built Taiko Centre ( Dojo ) was founded in September 2001. Fully equipped with a complete range of Taiko Drums, and capable of taking classes up to 20 people, it is a superb facility.

KASA/MIX - This is a week-long biennial program geared for taiko players from abroad.  This program not only features an exclusive time at Kodo’s Apprentice Centre with the apprentices, but also gives a chance to experience the beautiful nature of Sado and the craftsmanship of Kodo and the Japanese culture.

Taiko Center Co., Ltd. Taiko Lab - They have regular taiko classes at their Kyoto studio, Osaka studio, Asakusa studio, Aoyama studio and other locations, where over 3,000 students are learning.  They also have a visiting workshop plan and  hold workshops instructed by professional instructors in various districts in Japan and overseas.